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Re: Neighbors

Postby pcslim » Fri Dec 27, 2019 7:47 am

drdesert wrote:High-pitch noise to stop dog barking bothers neighbors
Here's another set of comments demonstrating that most people get pretty angry and annoyed when a neighbor allows his or her dog to bark:
The only people in the wrong are the people with the loud dogs. Shut them up

Awwww, poor you know how others feel about your obnoxious dogs!!!!!!

Dog owners are the top of the list of people who need to spend time in a re-education camp.

Shut the dog UP. It drives people crazy and it's horrible. No one should have to get these devices especially if they file complaints. She should train or get rid of the dog. Period.

Ohhhh so it’s not ok if the noise caused by their barking dogs bugs them but it’s ok if their barking dogs bug the neighbors? My gawd how do they not see how hypocritical they are being

A little after 3 am I knocked on the neighbors door and told him as long as I was wake, he would be too.

Then muzzle your dogs from barking. It bothers people's right to peace and quiet. Look up the psychological effects of barking dogs on human health. The barking should not have to be tolerated. Quit protecting the ones in the wrong!

The real problem with 99 % of dog owners is they are selfish ppls.they don't care about anybody else but themselves and their stupid dogs.they all know their dogs are disturbing the peace of other's around them and they really enjoy it specially when neighbors start complaining that's their climax they feel like they are the center of the world.

Rat poison in minced beef, mix well then throw it over the fence, to a corner in the dead of night. The Colonels secret blend of herbs and spices hee! hee!

The last solution is the one that the dog owners deserve, but unfortunately it is not legal, but it would be true justice!

What is particularly striking about many of the posts to this thread are these collections of comments made which come from YouTube demonstrating just how fed up many people are with irresponsible dog owners. In a normal non-dysfunctional neighborhood you seldom if ever hear a barking dog. For that matter noise in general is not a problem, which is why the simple slogan "KEEP YOUR NOISE TO YOURSELF" is such perfect advice for everyone to follow. One of the more interesting ideas proposed is a noise-offender registry similar to the sex-offender registry which now exists. Most reasonable people would admit that noise offenses are a real problem whereas most sex offenses are quite simply overblown and exaggerated. This leads us to the comment listed above which I emphasized. Many people feel that some sort of incarceration would be appropriate for noise offenders and some would even go so far as to suggest that re-education camps are inadequate to deal with the problem and that something more like internment or concentration camps would be more appropriate. That might be "overkill" (so to speak), but many people feel quite strongly about the issue.
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Re: Neighbors

Postby MojaveMike » Fri Dec 27, 2019 8:37 am

Here are some more comments to add to your list:
now if there were only a remote control barking dogs, screaming kids and loud cars.

My neighbor use to have drinking parties sometimes until 5am I called the cops a few times but then I reverted to my days of hunting. I purchased SKUNK Spray in a 3 ounce bottle and got creative with my sons paintball rifle.

watched your video and ordered the Ninja Remote. I turned the azzhole neighbors tv ON while they are sleeping and turned the volume way up. They had a party with alot of people over to watch soccer and I turned it to a Christian station and locked it.
When they mentioned all this to me I told them the same thing was happening to me and I blamed in on the govt. They moved!!

Its really terrible to have noisy neighbours. There should be tougher laws on this. You expect to hear some noise, but constant noisy neighbours its hell . I understand fully what good people have to put up with.

I wish that it worked on all stereos /radios too. That would save me from the semi-annual call to the cops.

Get one of those directional speakers and aim it directly at their bedroom window at night. Give them a dose of their own medicine!

I had some noisy neighbors who worked metal cutting and grinding machinery all night. I thought they were working on a car. I finally called the cops after not sleeping for three nights and I could hear the cop say to them, "Now what are you fellas up to?" Apparently, they were "secretly" re-plumbing the second floor of the rented house so they could grow pot to sell. If they did it during the day they could have made all the noise they wanted and not been caught.

I had neighbours that would play their instruments badly (screamo stuff,guitars, drums on six foot high amps) in the back yard about three or four times a week. They would start around lunch time and finish around 4am.
They couldn't understand why it bothered us.
That was ten years ago and I'm STILL traumatised by it. I can't bear noise of any kind from neighbours.
All i want is to live on acreage with nobody near by.
I'm normally a peaceful person but I loathe these inconsiderate dolts.

People raised in dysfunctional neighborhoods think that dysfunctional is normal. Combine being raised in a dysfunctional neighborhood with a low IQ and you get a person who refuses to be a considerate neighbor. That's why serious laws to deal with noise offenders are necessary. And yes, the idea of a noise offender registry combined with prison time, fines, and confiscation would be an excellent way of motivating recalcitrant repeat offenders to change their ways.
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Re: Neighbors

Postby desertrat » Sat Feb 29, 2020 7:09 am

California resident sets up trap for would-be car thieves
If you live in a high-crime neighborhood, you might try something like this. Most of the time booby-trapping your property is considered illegal, but this is a case where I don't think you'd have any legal problems. Or at least I would hope not. It seems that nowadays often the criminals have more rights than do the victims of their crimes.
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