TJUSD Board Meeting - June 04, 2020

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Re: TJUSD Board Meeting - June 04, 2020

Postby shadylady » Sat Jul 04, 2020 6:44 am

Cult of Empathy
I found this post made by BoraxBill in "The Pit (Trona Football)" thread. It sums things up very nicely. The discussion was about an article in which the football coach had made erroneous claims about PTSD as a result of the twin quakes last year. This quote illustrates how people who are overly pampered can have their lives derailed by small events. Dysfunctional individuals cling to cheap excuses. They over-dramatize non-extraordinary events. Their lives are like perpetual soap operas. What has been said about the low-IQ-high-emotion crowd applies here.
BoraxBill from The Pit (Trona Football) thread wrote:wildrose: Keeping things in proper perspective requires intelligence and emotional maturity. Most people are lacking in one or the other or both. Children get a pass, but children are blessed with natural resilience unless they are surrounded by dysfunctional adults. Even then, kids with lots of intelligence generally tend to find their way despite bad circumstances. The important thing is not to buy into what I like to call the "Cult of Empathy." Never allow yourself to accept as normal behaviors which are inferior or dysfunctional. As soon as you do that you fall into the libtard and SJW rabbit hole. And you don't want to go there.
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Re: TJUSD Board Meeting - June 04, 2020

Postby mrgreen » Sun Jul 05, 2020 8:21 pm

Jordan Peterson: The problem of too much empathy / Empathy is overrated
Empathy distorts our moral judgments in pretty much the same way that prejudice does. It's not good enough to understand how someone feels. Feelings don't justify much of anything. It's important to think and understand the long-term implications of actions and not just do something because it feels like the right thing to do at the time. It's easy to figure out how and why someone feels a certain way, but it's beyond the capacity of the low-IQ-high-emotion crowd to see beyond the immediate situation.
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Re: TJUSD Board Meeting - June 04, 2020

Postby cactuspete » Mon Jul 06, 2020 9:52 am

Daniel Goleman on the Three Kinds of Empathy l SuperSoul Sunday l Oprah Winfrey Network
Here we see one of the most famous gurus of the "Cult of Empathy" interacting with Oprah. It's almost disgusting the way they practically slobber all over each other as they express their mutual enthusiasm for empathy and all the usual associated BS. In reality, it's incredibly easy to show empathy, it's just that most of us have better things to do! Emotional games are for low IQ types and most of Oprah's audience are bottom feeders at best.
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Re: TJUSD Board Meeting - June 04, 2020

Postby ergot » Mon Jul 06, 2020 8:14 pm

Can the left lead a country they hate?
All of these programs involving empathy, emotional intelligence, sensitivity training, and the like produce nothing but a bunch of snowflakes whose little feewings are easily hurt. But more insidious is the way hate for our great country is deeply intertwined in all of these programs. We should teach children to feel proud of this great country and to be responsible citizens. Instead public schools do the opposite: They produce people who are ashamed of this country and who expect something for nothing and who protest like a bunch of spoiled morons when they don't get what they want.
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Re: TJUSD Board Meeting - June 04, 2020

Postby MojaveMike » Tue Jul 07, 2020 6:51 am

Harvard and most other major universities have decided to hold classes online for the 2020-2021 school year. They will not be conducting in person classes. College students are perfectly capable of maintaining social distancing and wearing masks and following any and all protocol intended to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The same cannot be said of children attending elementary school. Public schools are like germ factories or incubators for the spread of infection. As long as universities are closed, then public schools (especially elementary schools) should be closed! Kids won't follow protocol. They touch each other and their masks will slide off. It's a recipe for disaster!
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